Funeral Choices

We're constantly looking at ways to improve our services and ensure that we can help customers understand what might be included in a typical funeral and its cost.

So we have developed four Funeral Choices – Cremation Without CeremonySimple, Traditional and Classic to help make the process of arranging a Funeral easier.

These choices will help you understand what might be involved in different types of typical funerals, and you’ll be able to see the cost of these upfront with your local Funeral Director so that you can make the right decisions and choices to suit your needs.

Our Traditional and Classic options can be taken in their entirety or enable you to add or remove items to tailor the funeral to your requirements. This gives you the flexibility to personalise the funeral.

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The price of our Funeral Choices does not include third party fees, but we’ll explain how much these will be as they vary by local area. Third party fees are essential services delivered by others that we will manage on your behalf; such as crematorium fees, gravediggers fees or payments made to a minister or celebrant.

On average last year (2018) our clients paid £1,085 in third party fees but this is a national average and may not reflect the price you might pay in your local area. Find out more about third party fees.

>Contact your local funeral director today to discuss planning arrangements for your loved one, or call us on 0800 088 4872.